Reputation Antique Silver/Cappuccino Veralinga

Reputation Antique Silver/Cappuccino Veralinga
205*88 Left 205*88 Right 205*98 Left 205*98 Right
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Steel door unit is produced by unique automated production lines and robotic sites of leading foreign manufacturers.
For the Russian Federation certification to GOST (All-Union State Standard) 31173-2016. Highest rating due to performance characteristics (1) and strength (M5). GOST Russia certificate of Conformity RU.AM05.H03178
Specific characteristics
Seamless U leaf construction and closed seamless-rolled frame profile. Steady accurate geometric measures of which are provided by high level of production automation and robotization.
Steel quality
High-quality construction carbon steel (08 semi-killed).
Industrial polyester powder paint with preliminary rust-preventing treatment (phosphatizing).
Exterior finish
Metal with decorative embossment.
Interior finish
Replaceable decorative panel. 22 mm thick, Eco veneer (Germany, South Korea).
Doors are equipped with eccentric, right adjustment of which provides easy door opening and free-current operation of latch mechanisms.
Door seal
Three high-quality EPDM seal circuits (Sweden).
Structural reinforcement
EHS construction "6x2" - double thickness of leaf profile steel, of two frame circuits and in lock and hinge zones. Three reinforcement plates. Additional safety is provided by two anti-theft bolts with zink coat (to protect metal from corrosion).
Door insulation
Structural thermal insulating board SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) is installed inside the leaf, it provides not only the necessary thermal insulation but also additional strength and stiffness of door leaf.
Doors are fastened with anchor bolts through the frame (8 holes) or with mounting plates (6 pcs/package).
Door is designed for installation in wind porch or under entrance canopy.
Door leaf/frame thickness, mm
Door leaf/frame steel thickness, mm
Trim width, mm
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Door hinges
140*20 mm on supporting setting, provides opening for 180°, 2 pcs.
Cylinder lock
Border G 4-3 E with 3 door bolts (diameter 16 mm), 4th (highest) class
Lever tumbler lock
Border G 8-6 E with 3 door bolts (diameter 16 mm), 4 keys 97 mm included, 4th (highest) class
JM-90-40/50-C «key-turnlock» CR Chrome, 5 keys per package
Exterior cylinder escutcheon
NP-02 Chrome
Interior cylinder escutcheon
NP-02 Chrome
Exterior lever tumbler escutcheon
NP-01 without shutter blind Chrome
Interior lever tumbler escutcheon
NP-01 with shutter blind Chrome
Door handle
A-426 SC/C MattChrome/Chrome
Door viewer
1016/65-95 CR Chrome with shutter blind
Caps for mounting holes, anti-theft bolt caps